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    Indola ActNow Matte Wax - 85ml

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    Indola ActNow Matte Wax - 85ml

    Product description

    Indola ActNow! Matte Wax gives texture with a semi-matte shine to short hair. The matte wax has a strong hold, but you can re-style your hair due to the remouldable fixation. The wax does not have a wet look, but a dry, non-greasy look and feel. The wax is formulated with mineral ingredients that keep your hair vital and healthy. In addition, the wax is free of harmful ingredients such as silicones, paraffins and animal ingredients, so it is also 100% vegan! With this wax you not only choose quality, but also a better environment. When purchasing an ActNow product, 2 plastic bottles are prevented from ending up in the ocean. This makes you part of the solution for the plastic soup, how cool is that? ActNow! aims to prevent 1.5 million bottles from ending up in the ocean, and you contribute to that, great!


    What are the important features of the Indola Act Now! Matte Wax?

    We have listed a number of important features about the ActNow wax, so that you can see at a glance whether this product meets your hair wishes:

    • Strong hold
    • Reclosable fixation
    • Semi-matte gloss
    • For short hair
    • A very dry, non-greasy look & feel
    • Formulated with Mineral Earth Constituents
    • Free from harmful ingredients
    • 100% vegan
    • 97% recyclable
    • Environmentally conscious choice
    • Buying 1 ActNow product prevents 2 plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean


    How do I use the Indola ActNow Matte Wax?

    Use the wax on dry hair. Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips and rub through your hands to warm it up. Then divide the wax through your hair and style as desired. Do you want to re-style your hair? You can easily change your style thanks to the re-moldable fixation!


    What is the result of ActNow's matte wax?

    With the ActNow Matte Wax you create texture with a semi-matte shine. The wax has a strong hold so that your hair stays in good shape, but can be restyled thanks to the re-moldable fixation. Your wax does not give a wet look, but a dry, non-greasy look and feel.

    What's super nice is that this product gives a completely different result that you may not expect. When purchasing this wax, you ensure that 2 less plastic bottles end up in the ocean. How? ActNow! has partnered with Plastic Bank to prevent 1.5 million plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean. So you indirectly contribute to the climate.


    How do I become part of the ActNow solution?

    By 2050, there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish. That is why Indola says: Time to ACT NOW! Together we can make a better world and the solution is very simple: recycle! ActNow has partnered with the Plastic Bank to prevent 1.5 million bottles from ending up in the ocean. When purchasing 1 ACTNOW product, 2 plastic bottles are prevented from ending up in the ocean. You are part of this solution by properly recycling the products:

    ACT 1 - Distinguish between the pumps, lids and caps of the products
    ACT 2 - Rinse the empty jars and bottles
    ACT 3 - Dispose of in appropriate recycling bin


    Is the Act Now! Wax free from harmful ingredients?

    Nowadays, we increasingly scan the labels to find out how a product is produced and what ingredients it contains. But also whether the product has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner and whether the packaging is recyclable. We also call it a bit of awareness. Do you regularly check the labels? You are certainly in the right place with this product, because ACTNOW's Matte Wax is free from:

    • Artificial wax
    • Artificial dyes
    • Silicones
    • Paraffins


    Is the ActNow! Matte Wax vegan?

    The Matte Wax is not only free of all kinds of harmful ingredients, you will also not find any animal ingredients in the wax. This means that the wax is completely vegan.


    What does the Mineral Earth Ingredients in the ActNow Matte Wax do for my hair?

    Mineral Soil Constituents are ingredients extracted from the earth. The advantage of the Mineral Earth Components is that it is not artificial, but very natural and mild.Examples of minerals are:

    Zinc (zinc oxide) - zinc is an antioxidant that keeps your hair vital and in good condition
    Iron (iron oxide) - comes from a mineral pigment which gives a mattifying effect

    In addition to these minerals, there is also castor oil in this wax. We would like to tell you more about it in the following question:


    What does the castor oil in ActNow's Matte Wax do for my hair?

    Castor oil (also known as Ricinus Seed Oil) helps keep your hair more supple, making it less likely to break or damage. This keeps your hair nice and healthy, shiny and full of volume. In addition, castor oil prevents your hair from becoming dry or frizzy.


    Is the Matte Wax from Indola Act Now suitable for my hair?

    The wax is free of all kinds of harmful ingredients and is therefore a mild styling product, which is why the wax is suitable for almost any hair type. If you consciously choose natural, vegan hair products, this wax is the right choice. Do you have thin hair? Then we recommend the Volume Powder or the Texture Spray . Wax can be a bit too heavy for thin hair and start to sag. Would you rather go for the wet look? Then take a look at this product: ActNow Shine Wax .


    What is Indola ActNow's philosophy?

    The climate has recently been much discredited. Companies are eager to contribute to the environment and more and more environmentally conscious products are appearing on the market. Indola has entered into a partnership with PlanetBank and wants to work with ActNow! contribute to a step towards a better climate. Indola has developed a sustainable care & styling range of high quality that brings out the best for you and the environment. You make a great and very conscious choice with Act Now, because:

    • The packaging is made of up to 97% recycled plastic, which can be recycled again
    • ACTNOW! Teams up with the Plastic Bank to prevent 1.5 million bottles from ending up in the environment this year
    • For every ActNow! Product that is sold prevents 2 plastic bottles from ending up in the environment.


    Are there any more hair stuff from ActNow?

    Indola's ActNow line consists of a total of 12 products, 6 of which are hair care products and 6 styling products. The hair care products can be divided into 3 types: Color, Repair and Moisture.

    With the ActNow Color Set you can optimally care for your colored hair with a shampoo and conditioner. The hair supplies seal the color pigment in your hair so that you can enjoy your hair color for an extra long time.

    The Repair Shampoo and Mask restore damaged hair so that it feels healthy and soft again. Your hair will become stronger and get a beautiful shine again. You can find the set here.

    The Moisture line includes the Moisture Shampoo and Spray. Your hair will be hydrated and become manageable, soft and shiny again.

    In addition to the care products, there are 6 styling products to give your hair more texture:

    ACTNOW Setting Spray - You use the setting spray to style your hair for a good basis. It protects against heat from the hair dryer and provides a subtle hold, body and shine.

    ACTNOW Matte Wax - A wax with a semi-matte gloss, which provides a strong, recoatable fixation with a dry look.

    ACTNOW Shine Wax - Would you rather shine? Then go for the Shine Wax. This has a medium hold and provides a natural shine and definition.

    ACTNOW Volume Powder - The Volume Powder gives more body and a pleasant hair feeling. It gives more volume and grip at the roots of your hair.

    ACTNOW Texture Spray - With the Texturespray you create extra texture and messy volume. The dry formula gives you a subtle grip.

    ACTNOW Hairspray - The hairspray has a fine mist for a dry and long-lasting fixation with a medium hold.


    Where can I ask my question about the Indola ActNow! Matte Wax?

    Come and take a look at our pick-up point, so we can show you the Matte Wax up close. Then you might get a bit more feeling with it and all your questions will be answered immediately. And what is super handy: you can purchase immediately! You can also email your question to info @ haarspullen and we will try to respond as soon as possible. Sometimes even outside office hours. You can reach us by telephone during office hours, then we can discuss whether this product meets your hair wishes. We wish you a lot of fun shopping ActNow at Haarspullen.

    The ActNow! Matte Wax is available in a pack of 85ml.

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