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      Blonde Me coloring

      Take your blonde skills to a new level with BLONDME - the authority in blonde.   The versatile color and care system with integrated Dual Bond Technology is specifically aimed at the diverse needs of blondes and allows you to take on any bleaching challenge and create the most stunning blonde looks.   Why the authority in blonde? BLONDME off Show more


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      Blonde Me Toning
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      Premium Developer
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      Blonde Me Deep Toning
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      Blond Me Bleach Clay
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      Blonde Me Lifting
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      Blonde Me White Blend
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      Blonde Me Hi-Lighting
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      Take your blonde skills to a new level with BLONDME - the authority in blonde.


      The versatile color and care system with integrated Dual Bond Technology is specifically aimed at the diverse needs of blondes and allows you to take on any bleaching challenge and create the most stunning blonde looks.


      Whythe authority in blonde?

      BLONDME offers the most competitive, versatile and intuitive range for lightening, lifting and coloring all types of blonde. The bestselling Lightener 9+ Bleaching Powder with unsurpassed lift & improved Dual Bonding Technology is now available in optimized new packaging. With the new Precision Lightener and optimized Toning & Bleach&Tone range - and now fully vegan formulas. With these new developments, there are endless possibilities: from blonde next door to high fashion looks!


      The Dual Bond System

      All BLONDME color and care products contain the Dual Bond Technology. This helps to limit damage at all levels. It protects the bonds in the hair to stay strong during chemical processes and helps create new bonds. This gives maximum confidence during coloring and lightening, so you can shine with perfect blondness!Strong bonds for strong blondes.


      You can divide the Dual Bond Technology into 2 types:

      • Bond Protection System - this is in all color products, such as the bleaching powder and toners. Due to the Bond Protection System, no anti-metal pre-treatment is necessary because this technology captures and neutralizes metal ions in the hair and creates a protective layer around the hair channels. This reduces hair breakage and optimizes the color result.
      • Bond Creation System - this technology can be found in all BLONDME care products. It stabilizes the hair structure for long-lasting strength and suppleness.


      About the Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology

      The improved Bonding Technology is now combined with a new biodegradable chelating agent (Anti-Metal Agent) that can envelop the metal ions present in the hair and thus prevent the formation of harmful radicals during coloring / lightening. This further protects the hair and minimizes hair breakage during the coloring and/or lightening process. No adhesive additives or anti-metal pre-treatment required!

      The chelating agents used in BLONDME are capable of capturing a wide range of different metal ions at the given pH value. Most importantly, they trap copper, iron and lead ions. These are ions that may be present in tap water and therefore found in higher concentrations in the hair.


      Holistic Lightener Portfolio

      In all BLONDME Color products, the Dual Bonding Technology has been improved by integrating the Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology. In addition, all formulas are now vegan. The 3 bleaching powders in the BLONDME range give an unbeatable lift with minimal hair breakage:


      The BLONDME 7 Precision Lightener is specially designed for precise treatments, such as regrowth. The bleaching powder is enriched with Swell-Control Formula for minimal swelling and contains protection against metal bonding, so no bonding additive or anti-metal pre-treatment is required. Lift hair up to 7 levels with minimal hair breakage! Check out the features here:

      • Feature:integrated Swell-Control for minimal swelling
      • Technology:Swell-Control System and Anti-Metal Bond Protection
      • Service:regrowth (with/without foils)
      • Elevator:up to 7 levels
      • Consistency:cream paste


      The BlondMe 9+ Premium Lightener is suitable for all types of hair lightening techniques. This product provides unbeatable lift with minimal breakage. The new formula ensures less swelling. In addition, it contains the Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology, which means that no bonding additive or anti-metal pre-treatment is required. Check out the features here:

      • Feature:Unsurpassed lift with up to 9 levels and minimal hair breakage
      • Technology:Anti-yellow agents & Anti-Metal Bond Protection
      • Service:all techniques, full head/foils
      • Elevator:up to 9 levels
      • Consistency:Cream


      The BlondMe 7+ Clay Lightener is perfect for freehand techniques and lifts up to 7 levels. Become a master of balayage services with this Clay Lightener. Thanks to the Soft-to-Solid Formula you do not need foils. This product also contains the new protection against metal bonding. Check out the features here:

      • Feature:Perfect consistency for freehand techniques
      • Technology:Soft-to-Solid Technology and Anti-Metal Bond Protection
      • Services:Freehand
      • Elevator:up to 7 levels
      • Consistency:clay


      The new recyclable packaging is designed for safer use. For example, it now has round laps so that you can empty it easily. The Scoop also fits perfectly with this packaging, so that no residue of bleach remains in the packaging. The packaging is easily stackable, which saves space in the transport and storage of the items.

      Please note: due to the new formulas, the Lighteners cannot be mixed with each other.


      The range

      In addition to the 3 bleaching powders, you can also find these products in the range:


      Create the perfect base with BLONDME Bleach & Tone

      Brighten and neutralize in one easy step. The Bleach&Tone is available in 3 shades to counteract any unwanted warm undertone. This product can be used with all BLONDME Lighteners. The Bleach&Tone is an additive for all lightening & toning services in one step, suitable for hair bases 1-7. The three new shades optimally neutralize any warm undertone and add lasting tonal directions.


      Essential for a perfect blonde: BLONDME Pastel& Deep Toner

      Mixable for customized color results. This product also contains protection against metal binding and is available in various colours.


      The high-performance BLONDME Lifting

      Lifting and toning in one easy step. Lifts clean hair up to 5 levels. Also enriched with the new protection against metal bonding.


      Timeless blonde perfection with BLONDME Lift & Blend

      Lifting & white blending of mature hair. Up to 4 levels of lift and 100% white blending. This product is also enriched with the protection against metal bonding.


      Dedicated Blonde System

      In addition to the holistic range, there are even more developments and improvements at BLONDME:


      All packaging of the BLONDME coloring products are sustainable:

      • Tube: 100% recycled aluminum
      • Cap: 100% recycled plastic
      • Folding box: 93% recycled cardboard


      In addition, the packaging now includes simplified navigation:

      • Improved color coding on tube & packaging - by adding a color bar
      • Improved shade signage - by adding color height on the front of the pack
      • Improved readability on the tube & packaging: with the addition of a dark frame


      Infinite possibilities

      BLONDME's enhanced product portfolio enables unlimited service options! Platinum purity, gray blonding, weaved-in blonde, peach balayage, melted balayage and much more - it's possible with BLONDME.



      You may still have products in the old BLONDME packaging. It is not recommended to mix old and new BLONDME Lifting shades. This is because previous Lifting shades with the old pigment composition could dilute the lifting performance and reduce tonal deposit, leading to unwanted color results. You can mix old toners with the new toner series.




      BLONDME Toning


      BLONDME Lift & Blend


      BLONDME Lifting

      No, due to the new mixing ratio 1:1 > 1:2

      BLONDME Lighteners

      No, because of the new formula

      BLONDME allows you to really take on any blonde challenge and create the most stunning blonde looks!


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